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Every Wednesday 7pm - 8pm at South Benfleet Primary School

Sensei Martin has studied Martial Arts for over thirty five years. He was one of the first students of Penjak Silat when it came to England in the early 80's from Indonesia by the legendary Guru Richard De Bordes.
On moving to Essex in 1992, he started as a student of Prof. Jim McAllister, studying kickboxing, karate, Bu-Jitsu and weapons and is now senior instructor within the academy. He has also studied in Malaysia with Prof. McAllister in the art of Penjak Silat under the guidance of another silat Master Jak Otham. In 2015 he was awarded his level 1 teachers certificate in silat weapons by Guru Jak.

4th Dan

Martin Byas

Sensei Julie Cooper, an Instructor in the McAllister Academy of Martial Arts has trained with the academy for twenty years and has obtained the grade of 2nd Dan.

Julie has also trained extensively for over ten years in boxing and kickboxing with another organisation under the head coach Pat O'Keeffe 6th Dan and has obtained a black belt also in their system.

She has also trained in Bu-Jitsu and weapons and is the class fitness coach. She is very good at getting the best out of her students.

2nd Dan

Julie Cooper

McAllister Academy of Martial Arts - South Benfleet

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SouthBenfleet Primary School
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Contact Julie for further information on Tel: 07747 607657


Classes every Wednesday 7pm - 8pm 

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