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Every Wednesday 7pm - 8pm at South Benfleet Primary School



Modern Kick-Boxing is a combination of western hand techniques and kicks from the arsenal of traditions Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do and Mauy Thai. Other Kick-Boxing styles, such as full blooded Mauy Thai, in which the fighters employ knees and elbows as legitimate techniques, co-exist alongside the more commons WKA competition.


McAllister Kick-Boxing is as the name suggests, predominantly Kick-Boxing but students are also taught techniques from Karate, Thai Boxing and Street Self Defence.

The Chief Instructor, Jim McAllister, has combined his knowledge of various Martial Arts together with his 40 years of training into one unique fighting system "McAllister Kick-Boxing".

What is Bu-Jutsu?

The literal translation of Bu-Jutsu is Martial Techniques. Students wishing to learn a more varied aspect of martial arts might consider the Bu-Jutsu Way.

Students are offered a broader concept which includes techniques from a variety of disciplines. 

As with Karate and Kick-Boxing, Bu-Jutsu has its own grading system, each level containing Karate, Kick-Boxing and a weapons section.


In addition first aid and Oriental and Western Massage are taught.

The Weapons section consists of:

The Nunchuku (Rice Flail) / Jo (short Stick) / Katana (Sword) / Yawara Bo (Nerve Stick) / Tanto (Knife), Karambit and Kapak Kecil (small axe).

McAllister Academy of Martial Arts - South Benfleet

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SouthBenfleet Primary School
High Road, Benfleet
Essex SS7 5HA

Contact Julie for further information on Tel: 07747 607657


Classes every Wednesday 7pm - 8pm 

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